The de Aldecoa Family sources, roast in small batches, and packs coffee from the world’s most exotic origins, to bring you a superb coffee experience. Today, we roast in small batches in a traditional family roaster used since 1956 providing a rich and satisfying flavor.

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Our roots in the coffee industry date back to the 1920’s in Spain by Carlos de Aldecoa Fernandez (Ronda, Malaga 1903) He later expanded operations to the fertile lands of Veracruz, Mexico where the business grew to include coffee farms, roasting, retailing and decaffeination. After significant growth and demand, the operations moved to Houston, Texas where Aldecoa produces its coffee. Our artful roasting process has been passed down for four generations since our first batch of coffee was roasted in Spain.

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Carlos de Aldecoa Pereda, the founder’s son, was born in Cordoba Veracruz, and was steeped in the coffee industry from a very young age. In 1963, he took the reigns and expanded the company’s operations in Mexico. Much like his father, the opportunity for expansion led him to move the business, this time to Houston, Texas where we’ve been based since 1985

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Mr. De Aldecoa continues to be deeply involved in the daily operation of each company. Now, the third generation of family members, along with a staff of seasoned professionals, manages and leads the company. In 1997, Carlos de Aldecoa Pereda and his son Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno (Veracruz 1973), started Eximius Coffee LLC in Houston Texas as the sales arm representing the extensive manufacturing, processing and importing capabilities of the organization.

Under the leadership of Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno, the company has continued to expand in order to match the growing needs and development of the coffee industry in the United States.


Now roasting in the heart of Houston, Texas, the de Aldecoa family continues to offer premium roasted coffee in various sizes and ways to brew. They believe that every good morning starts with a cup of coffee, but great every cup of coffee starts from the origin, harvest, and roast. Explore our selection of products to find the best coffee for your mornings.