Aldecoa Intense Nespresso® Compatible Capsules: A Bold Brew Awaits
Unveil a powerful coffee experience with Aldecoa’s Intense Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules. Each elegantly curated box houses 10 capsules, each laden with 5g of a full-bodied coffee blend that exudes intensity and passion in every sip.

Packaged in a case of 6 boxes, you’re equipped for 60 moments of unadulterated coffee fervor. Whether it’s kickstarting your morning or providing that much-needed midday boost, these capsules are primed for the task. Crafted for perfect integration with original Nespresso machines, every brew promises the consistent quality that Aldecoa is renowned for.

Embark on a coffee journey characterized by depth and richness with Aldecoa Intense. When every sip is a statement, your coffee break transforms into an invigorating ritual. Experience the mastery of Aldecoa’s coffee heritage, encapsulated for your pleasure.


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