Aldecoa Nespresso® Compatible Decaffeinated Capsules: Pure Indulgence Minus the Caffeine
Savor the depth and nuance of a masterful brew, without the caffeine, with Aldecoa’s Nespresso® Compatible Decaffeinated Coffee Capsules. Within each elegantly designed box lie 10 capsules, each brimming with 5g of finely curated decaffeinated coffee, preserving its rich flavor and aroma. As part of a case containing 6 boxes, you’re equipped with 60 moments of pure, uninterrupted coffee bliss.

Crafted for seamless compatibility with original Nespresso machines, these capsules ensure an impeccable brew with the push of a button. Aldecoa champions a rich tradition of coffee craftsmanship, and with these capsules, you’re invited to experience that legacy in its purest, caffeine-free form. Dive into a luxurious coffee experience, promising consistency and quality with every cup.


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