Aldecoa’s Nina K-Cup Coffee: Brew with a Purpose
Introducing Aldecoa’s Nina – a coffee blend that serves more than just a delightful cup. With each sip of our 100% Arabica coffee, you embrace not only the rich, aromatic tapestry of flavors, but also a heartwarming cause. Every box holds 12 K-Cups, ensuring 6 cartons of pure, heartfelt brews. Nina is more than just a coffee; it’s a commitment.

Roasted meticulously in small batches to ensure perfection, this blend resonates with Aldecoa’s dedication to quality and compassion. Every purchase fuels a bigger purpose: 100% of Nina’s profits are donated directly to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, striving to spread love, awareness, and hope. With Keurig 2.0 compatibility, a meaningful cup is always within reach. Join Aldecoa in making a difference—one cup at a time.


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