Aldecoa Sumatran Whole Bean Delight: A Sultry Journey of Flavors
Embark on a flavor voyage with Aldecoa’s Single-Origin Roasted Whole Beans from the captivating terrains of Sumatra. Each 2 lbs bag exudes the mystique of Sumatran coffee culture, offering beans that are a testament to the island’s rich volcanic soils and unique processing methods.

Encased within each set, you’ll discover two of these bags, bringing together a generous 4 lbs of medium-roasted coffee perfection. Produced solely from 100% Arabica beans, this Sumatran blend strikes the ideal balance between acidity and body, ensuring a cup that is both robust and smooth.

Aldecoa’s Sumatran medium roast captures the very soul of one of the world’s most renowned coffee regions. Whether you’re savoring a quiet morning or sharing a moment with loved ones, this blend offers an experience that’s as deep and intriguing as the Sumatran landscapes from which it hails.

Trust in Aldecoa’s expertise to deliver a coffee that is not just a drink, but a journey—a sensory expedition into the heart of Sumatra.


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