Aldecoa Special Blend Whole Bean: A Triad of Coffee Excellence, With Purpose
Savor the symphony of flavors with Aldecoa’s Roasted Whole Bean special blend, an exquisite fusion of three distinct coffee origins. Each 2 lbs bag is a testament to Aldecoa’s coffee artistry, harmoniously melding the best of different regions into a singular, remarkable blend.

Nestled within every case are two of these masterfully crafted bags, offering a combined 4 lbs of coffee magic. This unique blend, made exclusively of 100% Arabica beans, ensures a smooth, aromatic, and flavorful brew that captures the essence of diverse coffee landscapes in every cup.

But this blend isn’t just about taste—it’s a statement of purpose and compassion. Named ‘Nina’, after the youngest de Aldecoa family member, this special offering is Aldecoa’s heartwarming initiative for change. With 100% of the profit from Nina coffee being devoted to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, every sip you take contributes to a greater cause. It’s more than just coffee; it’s a vessel for spreading love, awareness, and hope.

Experience a coffee blend that not only tantalizes your palate but also touches your heart. Dive deep into Aldecoa’s special blend and become a part of a movement that makes a difference, one cup at a time.


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