Aldecoa Roasted Whole Bean.  A special blend of 3 different origins.  2 Lbs bags (case of 2 Bags)




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Roasted whole bean

Enjoy the premium flavors of Aldecoa coffee with our Whole Bean coffee, available in different varieties from exotic origins. Whether it’s with a French Press, Pour-Over or even Cowboy Coffee, you can prepare and relish in the flavors your own way.

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Single serve pods

With your choice of 3 selections to explore with, Smooth, Decaff and Intense, you can choose the perfect Aldecoa Espresso to pour into your cup for any mood. Each box offers a different level of small-batch roast and is packaged with 10 individual pods.

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Single serve cups

Our single-serve capsules are filled with rich flavors of 100% Arabica Coffee. There are seven varieties to choose from, including Intense, Decaffeinated, Columbia and more, with each box containing 12 capsules each.