Aldecoa Ethiopian Whole Bean Majesty: A Symphony of Ancient Flavors
Step into the timeless tapestry of Ethiopian coffee heritage with Aldecoa’s Single-Origin Roasted Whole Beans. Each 2 lbs bag is a curated selection of Ethiopia’s finest, encapsulating the region’s storied legacy and the mystique of its ancient coffee traditions.

Within every case, you’ll find two such bags, amounting to a generous 4 lbs of aromatic grandeur ready to awaken your senses. These Ethiopian beans, known for their wine-like acidity and bright, fruity notes, offer a tantalizing taste journey that ranges from blueberry undertones to hints of earthy chocolate.

Ideal for various brewing methods, from pour-over to French press, these beans promise a fresh grind that’s tailored to your taste preferences. With Aldecoa’s unwavering commitment to coffee excellence, immerse yourself in a taste experience that hails from the very birthplace of coffee. Every cup brewed is a tribute to Ethiopia’s rich coffee culture, and with Aldecoa’s expertise, it’s an odyssey of flavor that every coffee enthusiast deserves to embark upon.


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