Aldecoa Costa Rican Whole Bean Brilliance: A Dance of Tropical Aromas
Unearth the vibrant essence of the Central American coffee belt with Aldecoa’s Single-Origin Roasted Whole Beans from Costa Rica. Each meticulously packed 2 lbs bag embodies the lush landscapes and rich soils of Costa Rica, delivering beans that resonate with a symphony of flavors unique to this coffee paradise.

Every case is thoughtfully curated with two such bags, promising a total of 4 lbs of nuanced richness, waiting to grace your coffee cup. Renowned for their crisp acidity and notes of honeyed sweetness, these Costa Rican beans also weave hints of citrus and tropical fruit into every brew.

Flexible across a spectrum of brewing techniques, from espresso shots to slow-steeped cold brews, these beans ensure an aromatic and freshly-ground experience every time. As part of Aldecoa’s legacy of premium coffee offerings, savor the distinct and lively character of Costa Rica. It’s not just a coffee—it’s an invitation to partake in the sun-drenched stories and flavors of one of the world’s most celebrated coffee regions.


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