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Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate: Elevate Every Moment, Hot or Cold

Introducing Cappio’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate — a symphony of flavors packed in a sleek 16oz bottle, designed for those who crave coffee excellence. Sold in a pack of 6, it’s the perfect blend of precision and passion. Crafted using triple-filtered water and the finest 100% Arabica beans, Cappio ensures a coffee concentrate that’s exceptionally smooth and free from impurities.

The beauty of our concentrate lies not just in its refined taste but in its versatility. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing iced coffee on a balmy day or a comforting hot brew on a chilly morning, Cappio serves as your perfect coffee companion. And with its no-calorie composition, you’re treated to a guilt-free indulgence each time.

But there’s more to Cappio than meets the eye. This cold brew concentrate is low in acid, making it gentle on the stomach while retaining the robustness of flavor. It’s also shelf-stable, ensuring that the richness and depth of its taste remain consistent, cup after delightful cup.

For those who desire a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary, Cappio’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate promises a journey that’s as exceptional as it is memorable. Dive into the world of Cappio, and let every sip tell a story of tradition, quality, and unmatched flavor.

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Love the Cold Brew coffee you tried in your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts shop? Now make you can make your own cold brew coffee at home with Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate! We use the finest Arabica coffee beans to create a smooth, aromatic, and perfectly balanced Cold Brew coffee.

Contains 6 16oz bottles.

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