Café Diario Heritage Medium Roast Pods


Café Diario Heritage Medium Roast Coffee: A World-Class Brew in Every Pod

Delight in the nuanced flavors and aromas of Café Diario’s Heritage Medium Roast Coffee. Each pod is a testament to Café Diario’s unwavering commitment to coffee excellence, encapsulating the finest traditions of coffee crafting.

Presented in a set of 18 pristine pods, every package offers a well-balanced blend that strikes the perfect harmony between strength and flavor. And with a pack of 6 at your disposal, you’re guaranteed a total of 108 pods, ensuring that a world-class brew is always within arm’s reach.

Every sip tells a story of dedication and passion, thanks to the special selection of the world’s highest-quality Arabica beans sourced from the loftiest coffee-growing regions. Roasted to medium perfection, these pods unveil a coffee flavor that is both rich and smooth.

Compatibility is key, and Café Diario has ensured its Heritage Medium Roast Pods seamlessly fit into every brewing routine. Whether you own a Senseo or any other pod machine, these pods are crafted to deliver an impeccable cup every single time.

Embark on a global coffee journey with Café Diario’s Heritage Medium Roast. It’s not just a cup; it’s a celebration of coffee’s rich legacy, one pod at a time.

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  • The CAFE DIARIO Heritage Medium Roast PODS are made from a special selection of the finest Arabica beans picked from the world’s highest growing regions and roasted for the finest coffee flavor. Compatible with all pod machines including those made for Senseo.
  • Order includes 6 boxes, each with 18 pods (108 pods total)

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